Where to Eat in Key West, Florida

Eating Key West

When I start talking about where to eat in Key West and our drive down the islands that make up the Florida Keys, you know the three words I am obligated to say:  KEY LIME PIE. I was excited about this.  I love citrus anything and I was looking forward to a homemade key lime pie.  So, I made it my goal to eat a slice of pie every day.  I am happy to say that I succeeded.  I was also expecting a really amazing Cuban sandwich from a little hole in the wall restaurant.  While the sandwich was disappointing, the atmosphere was not.

Should I get one for my fictional beach house?  I will probably not be able to resist if I see one at a thrift store.

This sadwich, yes a sad sandwich, made me want to figure out what makes a really good pressed Cuban sandwich and also inspired me to use the word sandwich three times in one sentence.

My first piece of pie was on the drive down the keys was eaten beside the ocean.   The setting was bliss, and the pie was super tart and delicious.

This pie was from Lazy Days restaurant on Islamorada.

My last piece of pie was at a restaurant called Blue Haven on the island of Key West.  I was determined to try it, because look at it, it is amazing!  As Jane Austin would say, “This is a prodigious piece of pie.”

So was all that meringue good?  No, not really, but the pie filling and the crust were delicious and worth it.  Plus that restaurant was so fun!

If you plan to visit Key West, please plan to eat Pie, lots and lots of pie.

Please comment below with the secret to a yummy Cuban sandwich and any synonyms you can think of for the word sandwich.  I just don’t think any exist.

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3 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Key West, Florida”

  1. That meringue is insane!!

    Synonyms for sandwich: Sammie, Goodness Between Two Slices of Bread, and that’s all I got!

    What do you prefer on your Key Lime Pie? Meringue or whipped cream? What is traditional?

    1. atourfam_admin

      I think there is a lot of freedom to interpret the key lime pie. I think what is important is that you actually use real key limes and it has to be really tart.

  2. There’s a really good episode of The Profit where Marcus Lemonis rescues a key lime pie business in the Keys. They were using sweetened condensed milk and pre-made pie crusts. Blecch. He of course turned it all upside down and authentic. It made me distrust any key lime pie!

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