If we do this again, I will probably not stay on the island of Key West.  I will look for a house to rent on one of the other keys.  The reason is that there is a whole habitat to explore here.  There is a turtle rescue and park where the key deer live.  There are different plants and flowers and a different kind of beach and coast to survey. And I will mail myself something, so I can go get my mail out of a mailbox like this.

You guys, they are everywhere!  And I love them!


We turned into Duck Key and it had a very different feel from the Island of Key West.  You are still going to want to go to Key West.  So, don’t stay too far away.   Now that we have been there, done that, we will be fine staying on a different island.  I really want to see Dry Tortuga National park, so we might do it again.


If you visit Key West, do not plan to drive around the island and find parking.  Parking is a big problem.  You won’t find it.   Stay at a hotel with a shuttle.  The downtown area is very walkable.


If you are traveling as a family, you should know that there is heavy bar scene in downtown Key West.  So, go to dinner early and catch the sunset if you want to avoid the stumbling and bumbling drunks that will be more and more prevalent as the night continues.


If you fly into the Miami airport, just be ready to walk.  That airport is huge and spread out.  Make sure you are wearing your Fitbit, so you get credit for all that walking.