About the Hartmans

We are the Hartman family. We love going far and staying long. We play card games and board games at our dinner table. We read aloud on the back porch or by the fire. It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled, we run around town from thing to thing, and just like you we find the modern life exhausting. So when we come back home, we try to gather around the table for dinner to hear about what is happening in our worlds outside our home. We are becoming more and more convinced that most of what is wrong with our increasingly fractured world can be solved as we gather. Our blog is about having an abundant family life that we hope will be inspiring and full of resources.  This is our invitation to join us for the food, fun and fellowship at our family table.


Thank you for letting me introduce my family to you.

I am Heather and I will be doing most of the writing in this space.  I love reading because it gives me categories for making sense of the world around me and the people I meet.  If I had to pick a character that is most like me, I think it would be Jane Austin’s Emma.  She is devoted to her family, friends and community.  She is fun and funny, opinionated and very often mistaken.  She says the wrong words, takes on the wrong projects, and then does the hard work of trying to make things right.  I hope I am the forty something version of that with a little more of the wisdom that comes with age to even things out.

If I am Emma, then this man is my Knightly.  I often say that he is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.  Just like Knightly, he is a little stiff and believes strongly that things should be done a certain way.  He does not dance, unless it is the only means to save a broken-hearted girl from further pain and even then, it might be hard to watch, because he really does not dance.  He is sweet and has devoted himself to the hard work of being the kind of man that takes his family seriously and works hard to make our lives better.

And these are our little women:

If ever there were a character that encapsulates my oldest child, it is the wild Josephine March.  Just like Jo, she is a writer with romantic ideals and a pen name.  She is so strong willed that I am fearful for anyone who will stand in her path to prevent her from becoming a world-famous author.  She is one of the best read individuals I have ever met because her first grade teacher taught her class how to speed read.  She enjoys the mystery of being called Wysteria Campion and you can follow her blog here:


Louisa May Alcott knew that a character like Jo needed an equal and opposite force and that is our second daughter, our Amy called A.J. here.  She is sweet and funny and will not hesitate to burn your most cherished possession when crossed, just like Amy burned Jo’s manuscript in Little Women.   Most days she is sunny and pleasant and busy.   She has always had trouble sitting still and I am convinced that her life’s work will be in helping the needy and making lives better wherever she goes.