Your Techy Teen Gift Guide

Are you wondering what to get the teen on your list and make it more personal than a gift card?  Well here is a techy teen gift guide.  I made these gifts for all the kids on my list that were 8 and older.   The bonus is that they are really small packets and easy to ship!  You don’t have to know the one you are putting this gift together for really well.  Everyone who has a cell phone needs these the things in this package.  The whole thing or the parts are just the right size for stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.  This article is full of affiliate links, just click the highlighted link or the photo and you will be taken to the item so that you can click it into your cart.

The Case

Start with the case so that you know how much you can put in it and you know the max size of the things you are getting to fill it.

I like this case.  It is small enough to clip on a backpack so that it is there in every emergency that the techy teen will come across.

This one is a little bigger.

Medium Tech pack

An extra power bank

An auxiliary power bank is a necessity these days and they are like a toothbrush.  You should replace the one you are using occasionally for best results.

This one is priced two for the price of one. With lots of options for the outside packaging.  This is a great way to personalize your gift by choosing the color you know they will love or at least will not be offended by.
Aux battery pack

A Clean Screen

Here is another multi-pack, this time of micro fiber cloths to clean screens, lenses or glasses.  Micro fiber is the way to go.  They will capture all that yucky stuff on your screen.  You don’t even want to know what is living on your phone screen.

Earphones: a necessity

Everyone needs an extra pair of earphones.  You will want to find out if you need to buy the apple head phones or you could get a wireless set.  Here are some options.

Here is a super cheap option for android:

Here is an inexpensive option for the Apple earphones:
apple earphones

Bluetooth tech to listen quickly, easily and on the go.

My husband loves this little device for his car.

Here is a blue tooth option if you don’t know what kind of device or there is a need to use them with different kinds of devices.

A Screen Stand

Here is a great option for a phone stand and it is an 8 pack which makes it a great deal if you are putting together more than one tech pack.
screen kick stand

This is everything you need to put together a fun gift for a teen or tween or if we are honest, even an 8 year old.  It was really popular with all the kids that we made them for.  This is what the ones I made looked like.  I personalized each one with a charm that meant something to each recipient and their initial.  Since I made these for each of the cousins and there would multiple tech packs floating around, I put a charm with an initial on each one to cut down on the fighting when one goes missing, because one is going to go missing in the all the chaos of Christmas morning.

charm on the tech pack

This one is for Katie and we go to the beach each year and each year she buys a tiny glass turtle at the same mom and pop shop. So I think of sea turtles when I think of her and that is why I put a turtle charm on tech case.

Here is a fun option that won’t break the bank.  It includes all the letters you would need for initials or names.

There are lots of charm options on Amazon too.  You can shop once and have everything delivered so that you can spend an afternoon putting your tech cases together to be a hero on Christmas day.

This is what the elements inside looked like before I sent them off.

Techy Teen pack

I hope this makes your shopping quicker and easier and makes you a hero to the teens in your life!

What will you add to this little bundle for your techy teen?


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